God’s Love We Deliver

God's Love We Deliver

God’s Love We Deliver is a charity that is dedicated to improving the health of people affected by serious illnesses. They do this by delivering nutritious meals to people living with these illnesses who are unable to prepare the meals themselves. They also provide nutrition education and counseling to clients, families, care providers and other charities.

God’s Love We Deliver provides meals to almost 5,000 clients. They serve people of all ages. The diagnosis of their clients include: HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s/Neurological Disorders, Kidney Disease, MS/Musculoskeletal Disorders, among others.

Clients are so grateful for what God’s Love We Deliver has been able to do for them. Brian, after being diagnosed as HIV positive, turned to God’s Love We Deliver. He says, “It was a blessing from the very beginning.” Before starting the program, Brian’s budget often only allowed him eat one meal a day. Even then, that one meal lacked nutritional value. God’s Love We Deliver put Brian on their Grocery Bag Program. On this program, Brian receives one bag of nutritional foods per week, including fruits and vegetables. Brian says, “I am healthier than I have been in a long time and it is due to the help I receive from God’s Love.”

God’s Love We Deliver has a variety of programs that address specific needs of their clients. In addition to the Grocery Bag Program, they have: Home Delivered Meals, Children’s Meals, Senior Caregiver-Program, and the Cancer Program. They even have a Community Partners Program, where God’s Love We Delivers partners with long term care programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, and etcetera. All services are provided free of charge.

God's Love We Deliver Volunteers

God’s Love We Deliver started by delivering 671,789 meals in 2007. They have projected to deliver 1,460,629 meals in 2015. This growth demonstrates the need for expansion, which is why they launched a $35,000,000 expansion campaign on October 19th,  2001. Currently they have raised $29,000,000 of their $35,000,000 goal. They have received generous donations from: Michael Kors, Steve and Alex Cohen, Jeff Gates, and Mike Moran. They’ve also received an $8,000,000 capital allocation from the City of New York.

The charity is largely supported by the kindness and commitment of volunteers. They have 8,000 volunteers annually, which totals to 132,000 hours of service annually. Only 5% of God’s Love We Deliver is run by a paid staff.

God’s Love We Deliver has a wide variety of opportunities for people to volunteer. They have opportunities for volunteers to: work in the kitchen, deliver the meals, assist van deliveries, assemble meal kits, and assist in the office.  With prior experience, volunteers can also work as videographers, video editors, and graphic designers!

To learn more about God’s Love We Deliver, visit their website. To sign up to be a volunteer, fill out a volunteer application.