Hot Air Ballooning in Vermont

Jack RygerThere is a reason why so many people travel to Vermont to go on one of their breathtaking hot air balloon rides – it’s simply amazing. It is not just a ride or a flight, it is a life changing experience that you will never forget.

I had the pleasure of taking a hot air balloon ride recently with Balloon Vermont and it was definitely a memory that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Your experience at Balloon Vermont will include and is certainly not limited to everything from the anticipation and excitement before your balloon flight, to the wonder and awe that comes during the actual ride itself, followed by the pleasure that overwhelms you during the post flight toast as you reminisce over your amazing experience.

During any of the balloon flights that you take with Balloon Vermont, you will discover many of the spectacular sights that Vermont has to offer. The beauty and majesty of Vermont in the fall is something that I highly recommend you see for yourself.

From the rolling foothills of the gorgeous Green Mountains with the sparkling shores of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks in view to the west, being in the balloon feels like you are soaring through the most beautiful watercolor painting that you have ever seen. You may also catch a glimpse of your colorful balloon reflection in a mountain stream or pond.

You can even see animals from up in your balloon such as White Tailed deer, Grey Hawks, busy beavers, Blue Herons, black bears, wild turkeys, and even the ever elusive moose!Jack Ryger

When you land, they will bring you to a variety of destinations including but not limited to backyard BBQs, cow pastures, open parking lots to the city streets of Vermont.

Balloon Vermont also offers personal tours once your flight has concluded of working Vermont farmhouses, where you are greeted by a playground full of amazed school children, and might even get invited onto a porch to drink champagne out of the land owner’s finest crystal.

Now go and enjoy the ride of a lifetime before the vibrant colors of Fall fade away into winter!