Substitute Teacher Dreams of Starting Non-Profit

Amy Aubrey is a substitute teacher in Elizabethton, Tennessee. In her time working with the district, she has taken note to the high number of children that obviously come from impoverished conditions. Originally, her knee-jerk reaction was to blame the parents for failing to adequately care for their children. However, she has since reevaluated the situation, believing that no one has invested in the lives of the parents thus far either.

According to an article from WCYB News, the statistics for the district indicate that the socioeconomic situation of the town is not in positive condition. However, Aubrey and Candace Patai, principal at Harold McCormick Elementary School, both believe the situation is even more imperative than the figures on finances suggest.  Patai believes the number of children and parents that struggle financially is high and constantly on the rise.  Many of the children’s basic needs aren’t being met, such as clothing and food; the problem is getting worse, not better.

teamwork nonprofit

The Elizabethton community center will raise funds for needy families.

Aubrey, in her experiences in the district, has seen just that.  Seeing the conditions has sprouted a new dream for her; she wishes to start a new nonprofit organization in Elizabethton, entitled Community Center.  The center would help children and families, investing in the help of parents as well as their kids.  Upon hear of the idea, Patai encouraged it, saying that the community really needs a program like the one Aubrey has in mind.

Aubrey has already started putting plans together for the center.  She regularly blogs and sends out a monthly newsletter to update those who support the initiative on her progress.  However, this is a marathon, not a sprint; she knows it will be a long process and she’s already taking it just one step at a time.  She’s already started meeting with business leaders in the hopes of getting some funding, as she knows that nonprofits cost quite a large sum of funds to start.  Aubrey has also started the process of filling out the required paperwork.  With every passing day, she attempts to take slow steps towards become an official nonprofit, in the belief that, even if it fails, if she is able to help one sole family or person, it will be well worth it.